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Tim Whittingham in a TreeIt is a great privilege to be able to live and work on the Quantock Hills so here on my homepages are a few items mainly of Quantockian interest. The Over Stowey Grave Inscription Survey is back online after a long absence and I am slowly adding some biographical notes to the entries. There are now eight lesser Quantock Poets, three Quantock artists and a first article about Quantock archeology. I saw Percy Bysshe Shelley's daughter Ianthe's grave in Cothelstone recently and I am thinking I might expand the Graves pages to include graves, effigies and memorials of interest in any quantock location.

I was very excited to find a detailed account of the death and burial of Henry Stanley in the Boer War and I am also particularly pleased to be able to reproduce in full the text of Charles Williams' Aisholt poem, A Song of the Myths. I recently added a small gallery of Edward Thomas's own photographs of the area.

Here is a view from an Autumn afternoon walk. I was trying out the free ICE program (Image Composite Editor) which reassembles a collection of frames and blends them all together.

Quantock Walk

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Last Updated on  December 31st, 2017